Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thinking. I gave it up.

This past week I have had too much time to think. ( hate when I am super sick and that is when I need my mind off of it) So this week has been full of anxiety and worry and thinking. I have thought about all kinds of things. Too bad it's all been about my health. I think about what could happen, what's going to happen, and how I am going to do it. I think about pills, treatment options. I think about diets, what to and not to eat, how much sodium I have eaten, measuring water, measuring electrolytes, measuring foods literally by servings. It's a full time job. Of course I occasionally think I can not do this another second. Then follows anger. Then I tend to ask got why!? Why me!?  every time he answers me with a it is going to be alright. I finally had soooo much worry the other night I said "okay. God. I am going to give you all my worries because I can't take it anymore." So I physically handed them to him. Then  " every time I caught myself worrying I said, "I gave it to the Lord." And that's where it has stayed since. My life is in the Lord's hands and that is all I need. He is going to help me, take care of me, I am never alone I know I have a gazillion angels around me at all times. I never have had a bad night without at least one angel to comfort me. EVER. I realized this is a huge blessing and I am so very grateful for it. I have all the tools I need to overcome anything. Just put my faith in gear and keep going! Even if it seems impossible and hard. God can do impossible and hard. He loves us and understands our trials! Give it to him, All of it <3 -Chelle