Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Leafs of Love

Leafs of  Love!
Yesterday I just felt awful all day and sickly. No matter how much salt, fluids, electrolytes, no mast cell containing foods....I just layed outside on my porch and tried to sleep (it was cloudy and rainy) haha is it really weird I put my lawn chair on my porch??? hah! Can't get in the sun too much or hot at all. I was looking off our porch at our oak tree and I felt my Savior's love for me, while eyeing I those pretty green leafs.... I don't know if you have watched Hilary Weeks music video of her awesome song, Beautiful Heartbreak (it's super good) But in the video Stpehanie Neilson family are in the tree house and as the words sing "He (Jesus Christ) picks up the pieces along each broken road."  the Neilsons are stacking leafs. which is a symbol. Stephanie and her husband were in an airplane accident and burned very badly.(She has a book a memoir called, Heaven is Here It is SO inspiring) So when I look at my leafs off my porch I feel my savior sending me that message that I need to let him pick up the pieces and he will take care of me I just need to give it to him and trust it will be okay. I know my Savior loves me and I trust him to guide me and take care of me. It will really be okay! Pray, he is there. He hears you. Look, he may be speaking to you. Sometimes I know from personal experiences that it can be hard to keep our eyes open and look at what the Lord is telling us. But I know in simple greened leafed moments and several others my Savior, Jesus Christ is always speaking to me, guiding me. -Chelle