Tuesday, July 22, 2014


yesterday was mean to me. I spent the whole day in bed. I had a horrible pressure migraine that shoots down my neck and my teeth even hurt with it. I had a stomach ache so bad I could hardly move. And I have no clue why this is happening. I ended up having too much time to think and that turned into worry. I started just being a huge pile of worry. I prayed the whole day and finally I got upset and cried why is this happening to me. I don't know why this is happening to me or why it has, being ill. but I know there is a reason, so I can struggle and learn and grow into the me I am suppose to be. The me I am destined to me. Sure I am 21 living at home, and being taken care of by my parents. ( I do have my independence) but doors have been shut for years for me. I didn't know what to do or think anymore. But God always sends tender mercies in times of struggle. After I prayed I listed to meg Johnson's podcast and she has several, there was one and my computer froze I could only listen to that one.... So I was like ok God I get it I will listen.... it made my whole day better! it spoke about angels and how though we can't always see them we can feel them with us in times of need. I know I have my guardian angels around me. Not just heavenly ones heaven is here on earth too. sometimes people here on earth act as angels for us in our life. Whether it is a brief amount of time or a very long time of help. The hearts are touched just the same. She told a story of a girl who was sitting at her work (a party place) and this little girl was obviously sad, The first time she felt like someone wanted her to go include this little girl in the playing that was going on. But Meg said no I have other things to do right now. But then a second time occurred and she finally went to the little girl and tried getting her to play and she just kept turning Meg down on all her offers, but then she realized her hair was clean but it was as if it just had dried from the shower and her top didn't match her pants ( like they were from 2 separate outfits) So Meg asked if she could comb her hair and that little girl said yes. While combing her  hair Meg asked if her mother normally combed her hair and said yeah. So Meg asked, "is your mom gone today?" the little girl replied," sort of, she passed away yesterday." I cried my eyes out when I was listening to this story the whole reason the little girl was even at the party was so her father could make funeral arrangements. I would put a million dollars that the little girls mother was there with them and she was who wanted Meg so badly to go send some love to her daughter in ways she couldn't on the other side. We all have our angels and they do watch over us but they can  not always do things we here on earth can do. Something like brushing hair. I think too if we keep our eyes opened and hearts we can help our angels help others. I am so blessed. I hope one day I can be someone's angel, some day soon! Lots of Love-Chelle

P.S. it's okay to struggle, it's okay to have a bad day. Just remember tomorrow is always a new day with new beginnings. xoxo - Chelle