Friday, July 18, 2014

Please, Be Different.

I was just thinking to myself, "I am soooo different from everyone else." What is so wrong with being different? NOTHING it is a good thing be an original. Be unique. Be a one of a kind. Be weird. Be different. Be an odd number. Be a rarity. Be YOU. Most importantly love yourself! Our Heavenly Father Loves us all each so much no matter what!! He made each and everyone of us a different soul. He put our souls into our bodies and we agreed to come! We agreed all hardships and goodships to have a earthy body, so that we too could be resurrected and live in Heaven forever. What a beautiful gift. He did it for a reason. You are a purpose. You are a Promise. You are a Son or Daughter of God! Placed on this earth for a very special reason. Whether you are having a bad day or the best day ever! You are meant to be here and have those moments of good and bad. You are being formed into a beautiful eternal flower. Be different it's a good thing! Lots of Love XOXO-Chelle thee indifferent

"Be you, everyday of the week & remember who you are!"

P.S. My Brain MRI went well! Will know the results next week! I have faith it will all be okay I am in god's hands,