Monday, July 14, 2014

No Makeup, No Worries???

No make up No worries... (well almost)
Well in the morning makeup is not always an necessity you see, sometimes it is make up or doing a task... the task always wins. Having low energy and being ill you learn that makeup sometimes is just not in the cards of the day. And that's okay. beauty is not skin deep it is heart deep!
On a whole different but related note, I did my tiny walk this morning it was cloudy and  simply not too hot not too cold weather about halfway into my walk  I realized our new  neighbors moving in...I decided to do the walk last minute grabbed my dog and left for down the street. I wasn't expecting to see anyone. Well lets just say I had makeup smeared down my eyes and my greasy hair in a bun and my worn out shorts on haha I came home and showered (that was the plan) I am sure that woman thinks I am  a hobo haha there is a difference between no make up and needing to get hosed down haha I needed that this morning. She was super nice and didn't act like she even noticed (I am sure she did) love kind people <3 Keeping my days interesting-xoxo, Chelle