Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pinoneer Days 2014

My mom and My mom 2 A.K.A. Aunt
This past Saturday my mom and I went to town, called Snowflake about 30 minutes away from where we live...We met up with my Aunt & Uncle ( my 2nd parents) along with many other relatives (mostly cousins) to celebrate the pioneer days! Started with the parade, which they always have a really nice parade, every ward even does a float. After we followed with of course a BBQ! This was at my cousins house and I actually ended up getting really sickly from the heat of the parade (it wasn't that hot & I was in shade, body needs to calm down) So I layed down and had a pedialyte popsicle courtesy of my cousins wisdom teeth removal around a month ago haha. I found myself in a dilemma though. It was the first time I had been around people in that sick state. I could tell a lot of them were worried and I just had to lay down and rehydrate and eat... I did pop out of it towards the end. It was hard trying to explain what was happening to me. There is so much to tell and then you have to decipher what to leave out and what to put in... on top of that I felt so bad I couldn't think or talk well. And I was trying so hard to smile and be all it's okay but I have a feeling they didn't buy my smiles, and faking I was okay. I am so blessed with wonderful family members! Before we left I had my uncle give me a blessing of comfort it made me feel so much better! I am so thankful for the priesthood and for those like my uncle, who hold it. I love my Father in Heaven! I love Jesus Christ! and I Love the gift of the holy ghost.... I am so thankful that I am a Latter Day Saint of Jesus Christ! Blessed would be the word, I am blessed!
My great uncle(the one in the cowboy hat) was the Grand Marshal of the parade!
 Well deserved, he is a wonderful man! He was (as you can see on the side of the care) a prisoner of War & WWII VET.