Thursday, July 10, 2014

Simple Life

 I Love the simple things in life and I wish Life could always stay simple....I am positive for years and years our ancestors have told their younger generations how messed up and bad the world was becoming, In some cases that was true at times. But I have a feeling not just my Grandpa's Grandpa said these words but way back to the beginning of man I am sure they said the same things to their children, or even their children's children. I will probably say it to my kids haha Every generation brings a change I think some good and some bad. But if we strive to be the best we can be and make righteous decisions.... Our ultimate Father in Heaven has told us we will be okay unto the end of time. He will take care of us, we never need loose sight of that. That does not mean afflictions won't come and go, Afflictions are simply part of life, Change is simply part of life. I just hope we keep the good things and qualities as generations carry on.
Don't mind the stickys on the wall that hung my quote up until yesterday baha
I had to throw in this picture I love my pup <3 Through thick and thin and all the sleepless nights and sleepy days he is by my side. I know he is just a dog but he is truly my bestie. I love you, Mr. Wrecker!