Monday, April 11, 2016

A better day & angels

You know you have to be feeling better when you do your hair for the first time in weeks. Yikes! Feeling better I am still weak and I am still having an unhappy tummy but it's kinda life with Gastroparesis it just is a grumpy gi tract. I have an appointment and am hoping I can make it on my own so far so good. I'm missing my herbie (my Volkswagen) I miss driving it's been a few weeks. And now I'm stressed because it's been so long. The anxiety vortex that comes with being chronically ill.
I started my day out (after taking care of business ivs, Meds, care) then I decided I'd listen to some music. Music has always been an out for me. The song came on stand by you by Rachel platten and it always makes me think of BeBraveBaylee  and how special she was (Baylee was burned severely in an accident last 4th of July. She fought such a hard battle for months. I was always so proud of her and rooting for her on the sidelines. they also used this song in a memorial video they shared. I remember praying for months with Baylee and her family even though I was a complete stranger and still am. I think of that family often and I know that little angel comes around and says hi occasionally when I'm having a rough time. Typically that song is playing. The first time I was driving home from a hard day of physical therapy and I felt so weak and low emotionally. I was crying on my drive home and this song comes on and I hear 'you all stood by me now I'm going to stand by you' and I automatically knew it was little sweet Baylee  comforting me on a bad day. I am blessed because I know I have angels on the other side of the viel to comfort me and I'm lucky enough to once in a blue moon "visit" with Baylee. Heaven is here on earth pay attention to it! Xo-Chelle to learn how you can help keep Baylee's legacy going or if you'd like to see how amazing Baylee is here is the link
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