Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Holy moly

Today has been chaotic!
I received 6 ivs. And the doctor called to confirm he wants me to try having 2 liters of Iv fluids and my liter of formula A DAY! Gulp. (No pun intended)
then I start to unload supplies and put them away which is always a chore and honestly it's like I've put myself in a time capsule and am back to October 2014 when I was on tpn.
I am totally not happy about this but I know it's what I need to do hand down. As I am unpacking I got the wrong huber needles (so much for my deaccessing and letting my skin breath after my Iv today and accessing in the morning) a little skin vacation especially since I am allergic to the bio patch I am currently using.
Oh this, my new pump that's bigger than I am? That's not going to last long no way Hozay! I travel to doctors out of town a lot! And  I already have my wheel chair formula extra supplies I seriously just have no space left and I'm hooked to that Iv pole a lot no way am I pushing around all that weight. No. And my new home health tech is confused my orders say at night to run ivs in sleep via 6htd she told me I'd use it for an hour or so... Hmmm? Two liters in an hour or so I don't even think that's safe or possible. Today is a hard day all I can do is pray things get better with time and tomorrow is another day. Being sick is so hard but there's a reason I know it...-Chelle