Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What is a spoonie or the spoon theory?

The spoon theory was made up by Christine Miserandino accords to FAQ. She used it to answer her friend's  question of how she made it through being so ill? She first took all the spoons from her table (at a restaurant) as well as off other tables. Leaving her friend even more confused. Then, she started her presentation;  "each spoon is how much energy I have per day", She explained to the friend. She wouldn't know how many spoons she'd have until she woke up that very day. She told her friend "you just woke up (then removed a spoon), you took a shower, (removes another spoon), ate breakfast (another spoon bites the dust)". By around lunch time they were out of spoons. And her friend said but I'm not done with my day... She responded, "Well, you can borrow spoons from tomorrow but you don't know how many tomorrow will bring it often leads to having to spend the day in bed." For every task a chronically ill person looses a spoon. Even simple tasks like waking up... We only get so many spoons a day it's important to learn how to use our energy on what needs to be done most or what we would like to do most. My friends that's the spoon theory in basic form. So a spoonie is a name for a chronically ill person via in correspondence with the spoon theory. I am a fan of this theory-spoonie out,Chelle 
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