Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lifes Tender Mercies

If you could only feel the spirit in my room tonight, the way I can feel it. It's so warm and light. Heaven truly sparkles... You just know....You know it's goodness, for it shines so strong. You'd too know heavens on earth. I had a terrible cry and I just have been sick too long. It is wearing me down. I am seeking help and using the proper tools for my mental state) Being sick is super taxing!! But in the moments when I'm up late and I'm in my bed listening to what ever flashes through my mind and speaks to my heart(tonight love one another) or a talk. These are the miracle moments. I feel so strongly that I'm going through the trials but when I finish, I will get to bask in my eternal victories. And let me tell you there will be a gold medal awaiting for me at those pearly gates 🏅and I will be whole again. Until then-Chelle 
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