Sunday, April 10, 2016

All of it in a nutshell

I am back home with my bestie
So I thought I'd wrap up everything that has been going on with me the past few weeks. I was hospitalized two weeks ago for two days (the first time) with a bladder kidney infection... I was sent home to continue treatments of antibiotics and to get on regular Ivs through my neuro who is over my Iv and port care... (We found out I was not meeting my fluid requirements per day) I wondered why I was constantly starving and since the Ivs I am glad to announce my starvation binge eating on a broken tummy has ceased and I feel better. Starvation is a real torture so please donate to starving families when you have the opportunity because I promise it makes everything harder.! So back on track here... The next Thursday I saw my pcp and she and I agreed to go to er because I was still fevering and not well at all (which had me very worried about sepsis with my port and gj tubes yikes) and she called the er Doctor and talked so thy had an idea and wouldn't ignore me because I usually get very ignored. Because my illness is "invisible" except it's not heaving for hours on end is not invisible and being in a lot of pain and don't get me started lol so I went to the er and thy took me back rather fast and I was shocked about that. I figured out why and this is good info! If you are immuno compromised be sure to always add that to your list when you get to the er and always wear a medical mask! This is very important through all of your care if your immuno compromised they need to be aware so they can take the precautions needed for your care. They did a ct scan and a lot of lab work found nothing and I cried because I always do when I am sick and nothing is wrong it's just frustrating. Yes good news but not at the same time. So they kept me and and treated my what we all decided was a flare up if my dysautonomia and Gastroparesis from the infection. Basically my body goes a wall over every little thing. So they got me under control enough to come home and reuse my care here. Which sleep is good and it's hard to sleep in the hospy so I am thrilled to be home! I am not well yet but getting there. I've said many prayers and I'm certain they've been heard this week. Hoping this flare passes 
I came home to a surprise I ordered my Iv pole steering wheel and it came quickly and wah-lag a present for coming home lol. If you have an Iv pole I highly suggest getting on ode these they help so much with keeping it stable, easier to move around, and when I am worn and dizzy It helps hold me up and oh it helps you to not run over your feet! Here's the link where I found and ordered mine! It's wonderful I wish I had. It a year ago!     I aprecbthe thought and prayers so much and I am thankful for all of you!! I am so very truly blessed... May you all be well xo-Chelle