Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'm gonna soak up the sun

"I'm gonna soak up the sun, gonna tell everyone to lighten up, gonna tell em that I've got no one to blame. For every time I feel lame I'm looking up. I'm gonna soak up the sun while it's still free. I'm gonna soak up the sun before it goes out on me." (If you don't know that song I feel sorry for you go look it up its by Sheryl Crow!
Yesterday Wrecker begged me to take him outside. Which is fair he is a dog it was a nice day and he definitely deserves to soak up the sun.
That being said I have a hard time in the sun between my sensitive skin made worse from all my medicine... I also can't cool my body down. I am heat intolerant so I have to be extra super careful not to give myself heat stroke in a few minutes or put myself into a POTS flare. It's a catch 22! But this super sweet dog that would do anything for me needed some time outside so I risked it... But I'm pretty sure a little sun is good for me too! I miss it!!
I mean look how happy he is...
We did not last more than a few minutes and for some strange reason my tummy started hurting pretty badly  so we came back inside and I am feeling better. Spring is here-Chelle 
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