Monday, April 18, 2016

We Willingly Agreed to Life

As I've mentioned lately in some of the ugly parts of being chronicly Ill is that it drains you emontinally and then you get sad, depressed, and anxious. I've been dealing with this more probably due to me being so much more sick than I normally am... Lately. But this morning I woke up and remembered something I haven't had site of lately basking in my pitty party. Was that (and I believe God was telling me this) that God only gives his biggest battles to his toughest warriors... That's what I woke up to thinking. It's pretty much changes my whole perspective today. I have a purpose we ALL do! And we are all very special individuals who came running to this life to get our bodies no matter what the cost. We wanted this body we are in now so much at one point we agreed willingly to come. Knowing if all these hard trials where going to come with the package... Life is a precious gift. Our bodies though some broken and mangled...will be whole again in the reasurection. And we will be victorious. This I know with all my heart. I may not be healed now or ever on this earth. In fact that chance is not existent at this point. They don't even know what's causing or happening to my body. They have to have those steps to find a cure. And though sometimes I can't see that being sick is worth it. And I feel so tired. I know Heavenly Father is there no matter how alone and abandoned in this life we may feel if we stay true to the faith and true to our Father in Heaven we will be okay. In fact we will be more than okay. I am sure he'd love to fix us and take away our pains but there is something better for us waiting ahead. Maybe not in this life but in the next life. Try having patience, I know it's hard but hey you're  one of his toughest warriors. He put you here because you can sustain the battle. Fight on warrior-Chelle 
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