Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday Wednesday

So today I woke up and showered, then got ready wow!! Big deal for me to use all that energy up right off the bat! Then I got my orange jugs of urine and dropped them off at the lab and went to Iv therapy to get some blood stolen from my port. (More lab work, it never ends) then I walked all the way out to my car and went to get my keys and I left my purse in Iv therapy... So I had to walk all the way back phew! Workout for this POTSie. I'm getting better and stronger from being so sick but my body got so weak during al of that. So I got my purse and decided to go over to Walmart since I forgot to get my
extension cord for my Iv pump when me and my mom went the other day (the sole reason for going). I am glad to be home because I am now super worn out and ready for a nap.
Yes a nap after doing well not very much. And I hooked up to my Iv fluids idk if it's from having labs done but my body is telling me it's done so I will rest now these are my pump chargers and my lights and normally my phone.
It's my "charging station" lol and I just got cozy in bed and I realized I forgot to take my anti nausea meds now I have to get up and go take them ... After I rested I did feel better but I did start a migraine last night but slept it off! This morning I received my delivery of supplies with an accidental flaw my tegaderm was super too small.
But luckily I found one I didn't know I had in my storage and I am now trying the regular clear tegaderm instead of the orange (that is suppose to work well on super sensitive skin). I am hoping this tegaderm does better. They also sent me a stat lock so I'm trying that out too to see if it holds the tubing in place hence making my tegaderm stick better around the tubing because it's hard to get it to not come up off the skin. So here is my newly accessed port for the week! Nothing feels better then this!! Ah clean again! 

Welcome to the sick life-Chelle 
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