Thursday, April 21, 2016

Poor HomeHealth Pharma

So today I had a correction delivery... We swapped out pumps because my pump was prescribed to give me 2 liters in 6 hours which was way to fast for my body. It made me dizzy and my body didn't hold onto those fluids. A sure sign it was simply going in too fast. So new pump with new settings check! Then I grab the tegaderm  out of the bag and it's the exact same wrong size as yesterday 
They did it again!!  After I open my bag that I requested because in ten hours I might be leaving town early to go to specialists or have early testing... Or in the er. Who knows but I like to be prepared..
. So I open the bag (correct for the pump) but it only holds one liter bags...
Well I have a two liter bag that's twice the size. So we will be changing this out probably for a TPN backpack because that's the exact Iv bag I am using. My sweet person who is over all my stuff just called me out of breath from running over to the warehouse where they put deliveries together... I keep getting the wrong tegaderm because they had these little ones in the box that held the size I was suppose to be receiving... So she herself removed all of them and fixed that issue. Above and beyond her job. Big thanks to her!! Seriously she did not have to go do that but she was kind enough to get to the bottom of it. I also will be getting the right bag next week. Phew Being sick is a lot of work isn't it?-Chelle 
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