Sunday, April 17, 2016


finally got my nursing visit from home health for instructions on how to use my pump. They had to come up all the way from pheonix (3hours each way). So I finally have my pump for nightly Ivs m, 2liters a dat of normal NS and 500mg of Magnesium. However 6 hours is too fast and it's causing my to become dizzy and pee too much. It's so fast my body is not holding onto it. It's not using it just kicking it out. So today I'll be contacting neurologist to say hi my body isn't thrilled with this amount this fast, it's making me miserable.  We will see what he says... It better be yes Michelle you are right we will slow it down.
Today I washed my Tubie pads (I sink wash them to get a better clean) (they go around my stoma to aborb any stomach leakage and they prevent scar tissue from forming around the stoma which is a big owie) I have a million and I got most of these all but the white one from Milostones and Maddys Tubies on Etsy!! Love them!! I am working on a few care packages for some spoonie friends! It makes my heart feel so happy💗 do unto others as you'd do unto yourself! Happy Monday-Chelle
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