Monday, April 25, 2016

Doctor jumble

What to do when you have a million doctors and no one knows what to do???? So they ignore you (some) and pass you on to the next guy assuming you will get help? Or they give you a "patch you up" medication upping which is them trying and I appreciate it but I am so sick. So sick no one knows what to do but more frusterating no one even sits down and really tries. Minus my wonderful pcp. I don't know what I'd do with out her she has saved me time and time again. I'm so sick of seeing a million specialists to get sick and still have no plan or action. I'm feeling frustrated and I'm getting another migraine for the night! Needing some help! Going to the emergency rooms doesn't work because when your sick like me they typical don't find anything "wrong" and we are complex bodies so we just get the typical Iv blood tests and get send right back to square one; home. It's scary doctors you think will always be there to fix it or help it and honestly most the time they either can't or they won't. I aways want to be hospitalized when I'm this sick in hopes of finding something but more to keep my suffering better under control.its a catch 22 I always loose too -Chelle a patient worn out.      I wouldn't mind prayers right now for my crazy health to get better it's been a solid month of this and I know I need help and answers. 
At least I have this little doggie to take care of me and hang out! #puppylove 
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