Friday, April 8, 2016

Hospital bed morning update, well kinda

My week has been long. I just simply don't feel better. I still have a fever, aches, extreme fatigue, abdominal pain, back kidney pain, relentless nausea and gags. No answers. My tests showed nothing. )which is good but I don't do well when nothing comes up wrong) after years of misdiagnosis and having 'nothing wrong' I had an awful lot wrong. It scares me. I simply worry when nothing is wrong when something is wrong. It's my lot. But I cried it all out last night after having a long sick week. No answers. And a million scary side effects from medications. I am the side effect queen that's my title my body wear that crown with high dignity. It really likes to show it off. But this morning I woke up after maybe three hours of sleep to my nurse unsuccessfully drawing blood from my port. It works to flush but it won't pull back blood. So I will have to address that today hopefully they can clot bust it and get it re working. I'm listening to fight song by Rachel platten. I woke up happier today and I feel ready to fight some more, and take another step forward, one day at a time. (Maybe today I'll take it by the minute-Chelle