Wednesday, February 5, 2014

cozy day super simple yummy crock pot meal

So far I feel pretty decent today (a rare occasion) so I am  going to do something I usually don't; Is it a cold winter day where you live? This dinner will warm you right up (no it isn't spicy) just a super home cooked meal.I am going to eat this super easy, yummy, cozy meal tonight. The best part I made it this morning so dinner tonight will be a breeze to prepare. Oh wait it was a breeze to prepare this morning! I'm sure a lot of you have seen this meal before but if you haven't give it a try it is super good:)

First you need to get you crock pot out!

                                               Step 2: get out  2 cans of this yummy soup.

                                         step 3: cook up a package of pork chops yummy!
                                               (you can substitute chicken if wanted)
                                      I seasoned with a little bit of garlic powder and ground sage.
After you cook up your pork chops put a layer of the cream of mushroom soup on the bottom of your crock pot, Then add your pork chops. Then add the 2nd can of soup and about a half can of water. Then set crock pot to LOW & when dinnertime comes it will be waiting for you! I cook up some rice and a can of green beans for my sides. Yummy!
P.S. if you need to clean up...have you used or seen this scent of dawn?? It smells amazing!