Tuesday, February 11, 2014

HAIR.... What an amazing thing to be able to do

today I am in the middle of growing out my hair! I have come across some cute ideas on pinterest and tried one out today....I feel like a real person putting makeup on and doing my hair! what! These things are so exciting when you didn't have the energy to do them before. When It took every single ounce out of me to just talk... Thank you heavenly father for my blessing the past two weeks. Though I still am not cured or a 100% and have a long way to go. I feel I just crossed a hurdle of life and I pray it stays and I do not have to go down again. Being sick is a battlefield you're constantly fighting to get help. You are your own army. Every Single Day! fighting for what people do everyday without thinking.& You're wishing and longing you could do something that most people are complaining about day to day. Some people have told me it must be nice to stay home all day long. UH NO! it has been so awful and I am so thankful for my dog so I don't get so lonely. Honestly since I have been sick all I've wanted to do was go to work everyday. Everyday my parents left it was just me in an empty house until they returned. Those days dragged out and I still have them and would still do anything to have the strength and health to do such things. You don't know what you have until it's gone. Instead of focusing on what I don't have right now due to my debilitating health....I want to just be thankful for the opportunity to do my hair and my makeup today and I will also be able to go to a doctor appointment later. ON MY OWN! These things a year ago were nearly and sometimes impossible. So today I am thankful for the little things <3

These two pictures are me today. My new hairstyle. I can't explain to you how I haven't even cared what I looked like because I was so sick it just stops mattering so much. & today I actually cared!
But with that being said beauty is on the inside. Never does true beauty come from the outside!
I am so thankful for this blessing. Yes, I count today feeling the way I do as a beautiful blessing! No I don't feel so great and unsick I just feel better:) I will take it!! <3


                                                   Long Hair:                                                          
 These pictures are some of my senior pictures when my hair was long. I miss it <3 I see a more thriving person here these were literally my last days before I totally fell on my face into the land of extreme sickness. I cherish them in my heart <3

      Short Hair:

 P.S. I had to cut my hair all off after long surgery and medications It all started falling out and I had to say goodbye to those long locks. This photo was taken about a year and a half ago. My short hair which I liked at the time and now I just see the sick person in these photos. I know I am the only one who can look at them this was for I remember what a frustrating time I was having just to get a picture taken. That's another reason for long hair I was doing better then so it makes me feel like the old me the B.S. (before sick) even though I was pretty sick then too? I don't even know if that makes full sense. but it's how I feel!