Thursday, February 13, 2014

FREE bracelet ...before8:30 a.m. ! ... It's a good day ay ay ay ay ay!

Guess what song is playing in my head this morning??? "it's a good day" by Hilary weeks.Went to the store this morning bright and early since I stayed up all night. I had to take my mom to work so I could have the car for my dentist appointment this evening (at her work) lol. We will hopefully be fixing okay I have no clue what it is called.... My front teeth... the gums one side is higher than the other so we are fixing it. It drives me nuts because I think it makes my teeth look crooked and they are not! & I think It looks weird too. I will post before and afters later... Anyways good start to a good day.. I got this little bracelet for free! Yes, I was shocked to when the guy at Kmart said you owe nothing ... thanks to my Kmart rewards. So I got 25 dvd discs (because I made my sister & brother in law a slide show of us all from when me and my sister Chelsey were little to now and her husband in between), a bracelet, & then I went to Arbys and got a lot of biscuits and gravy because I did not realize how big they were! Oh and an orange juice:) Ready?! all for just $10. Now I think I did pretty good! Hope you are having a good day too! "It's a good day, it's a good day ay ay ay ay ay ay to have a good good day!"