Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tommorrows blog early... one week until valentine's day

I had to post tomorrow's post today because I have to go out of town to seek more medical treatment. This trip physical therapy!

I do not normally get into valentines day very much. This year however I am! Feeling the love I guess. Looking over the years, this year I really have realized how much my family has done for me in hard times & how much love they give& continue to give to me. My being ill has been hard on everyone not just me. We may not have everything we want & we definitely are not rich but we have the most important thing...Our Love for each other & our love for god and his son Jesus Christ. I take it back those 2 things make us rich. I am so truly blessed with my family. I love them to pieces <3 I bought my family a special valentines for each of them! ( I will post those later) and I found this super cute heart wreath. Love this wreath I placed it on top of our entertainment center to remind us all we love each other and to help celebrate valentines day of course! Spread the love!