Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday all! Guess what?! we have some possible rain clouds in our sky today:) WE NEED some moisture in AZ...Rain, Rain, please Rain! I don't even think rain is in the forecast until weekend  lol but I can hope! (the only bad thing about rain is my joints hurt  more...and I really love rain)Wish I could stay in bed all day because I am super worn out today!! but doctors must be seen, I don't think they could carry on with life if I didn't come to see them (wink wink) only 2 more days until I see the new rheumatologist...hopefully he can help this chick! Good luck to you and your battles...may you win more then you loose!
This is me yesterday( I got to take off my jacket and put my hair up!) soaking up the sunshine through the window because the sun kills my skin and makes me hurt...even through the window! I was in it for just a few minutes outside and my face still stings.. & I mean literally a few minutes like 2 or 3...Thankful for our big porch to keep this girl shaded! Now if it could just be warmer in the mornings so I can eat breakfast outside..one of my favs about summertime! Because eating outside is just way funner and cooler haha I am on Imuran right now for whatever is wrong with me it helps but I noticed It is changing the way things taste and my likes and dislikes are changing I mean I just ate a tostado for breakfast! Weird!