Thursday, February 6, 2014

Remember when...

Whoa did I have a hard time sleeping at night. since I have been sick I pretty much either sleep way too much or I can't sleep. So a slow start this morning. This picture is of me back in high school in the good ole cheer days. Yes I was varsity cheer captain my senior year. despite my body fighting me every second of the day. This being said my senior year of high school was not as glamorous as pictures may look. for instance in this picture I did not know it but I had the following: Sjogren's syndrome, Lichen Planus, pelvic floor tension myalgia, and panic disorder. Only the good lord knows how I got through cheer. He had to help me have that deep determination not to quit because believe me did I have several days where it was just too much. I did it though and am so glad I did! No matter how hard it was on me. To cheer I literally had to go to school and barley get through that...go to practice and kill myself for that... go straight home and go to bed. Then do my homework in classes. Then wake up do it again. I didn't even do anything on the weekends but stay home and sleep life was a night mare to me and I still don't know how I did these things, which such a broken body! My doctors are even stumped haha. Now today there is no way I could do any such thing...that makes me even more grateful I did it while I still could. Plus I got to meet Tony G, if you don't know who that is he is a famous choreographer. He did all the choreography for the bring it on movies... I met him when my team got invited to preform at the holiday bowl... here are a few cheer pictures.

                         Below: the team and holiday bowl 2010 half time show dance choreographers.
                                               Below: the team and Tony G.

Good times!