Monday, February 24, 2014

New Start...New Week! Monday Madness

New start... New week...feeling better today! knock on wood!!! going to dentist...Rise and Shine! Happy Monday all!...tired! p.s. feeling human today my hip hurts a little and I'm tired, tummy is all better, headache is so far better...we can deal with that :) God is watching over this little lady!
My dog keeps licking my hnad as I try to type this, making it difficult! Must be pay back for yesterday I may or may not have put this bow in his hair...he he! and then take an awfully silly picture of him... let's just say this is not his best side, but hilarious!(his teeth  do not always show or stick out he was yawning) He is just cute!

I love love love these little babies! they are soo cute! My most fav is the blue zipper! I have to add I got them in the childrens section (they are a size 3)...yes, I know I am 21 years old in a size 3...I bought them at Target about 2 years ago! I know I paid under ten dollars for them! Shopping out of season helps you save those nickels and dimes!