Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Okay. I think I am going to be okay :)

Last night I was extremely worried because I felt awful for the first time in abut 2 weeks. That's a record for me I have not felt that good in years. So when my head ache came back and my stomach hurt...and then everything started hurting. I was one worried girl. So I prayed because if I do not get better it's in gods hands and he has a plan for me. I also know if I keep my faith in the lord I can endure anything and I also know god can and will heal me. But it's going to be in his time not mine. I just have to be patient. I have taken a ton of vitamins today and I am getting lots of rest. I feel a lot better and think I just have a little bug or something like that...Phew! I am on an immune suppressant which makes my immune system weak and I went to my primary care doctor yesterday.. you know the place with all the sick germs! I know germs are everywhere but in a primary care office you are super exposed to the flu and everything else contagious! That being said I wore my mask in the  and last night I came down with something, so maybe I caught it there or anywhere else I've been.

Wearing this mask people look at me like A. I am a nuts or something. B. I can see in their eyes they are thinking what awful thing does she have. One time a receptionist laughed at me...My mom was with me and she got so mad. I was mad too just too tired to do anything. If someone looks different DO NOT laugh at them. DO NOT stare. Treat them how you would like to be treated. (now children are children and do not  know these things so that doesn't pertain to them. They are just being curious kids.) I am so blessed I don't have to deal with something like that all the time. But on the flip side looking perfectly fine even when sick...people and doctors tend to not believe you...(even without makeup and crazy undone hair) Autoimmunes are like the unseen diseases we don't look awfully sick, & when we do we are stuck in bed at home and no one sees us. I normally smile at people. But when you have a mask on no one can see it lol I snapped a picture for you guys! "It's not about your scars, it's all about your heart"- Mindy Gledhill. love that Song!