Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ladies Do you have chronic pain? Ladies do you suffer from endometriosis?? you may be interested in this little gadget! Or these amazing specialists!

I do NOT normally post on weekends but feel this is me staying true to my one of those days in my title "one day at a time".Tonight I look rugged sorry long day! & I just started to hurt a little and thought if only everyone knew about these tools I have (and my specialists are my tools as well)
Here is my tool box from me to you!

I suffer from chronic pain due to many diseases but suffer chronic pelvic and abdomen/lower back pain due to pelvic floor tension myalgia & Endometriosis. Honestly in my personal experience PELVIS PAIN IS THE WORST & HARDEST TO TREAT. Again MY opinion. So here's the deal no medication pain pills  ect. help my pain and I have suffered for around 7 and a half years with this pain... and if you know any woman with endometriosis pain pills are normally a flop and don't do much. Leaving us in agony some for a few days some for up to 2 weeks.(time during or around the menstrual cycle) I usually hurt 2 weeks when I am in need of surgery to remove my endometriosis. That is not my case right now. Now I am in treatment for pelvic floor tension myalgia and getting better all the time. A very slow process for me that will take years. I also have endometriosis. My only option is surgery right now due to some other medical conditions anyways this little gadget right  here makes my pain better always and sometimes demolishes my pain away. that's right NO PILLS. and it's side effect free... well you may get skin irritation from the electrodes but come on that's a small price to pay...

This is my ifc/tens unit it send electrical stimulation and blocks the pain signals. basically mixes them up and makes your pain go bye bye! I had to get a prescription for it from my specialist and my physical therapist, you can find her here and the whole team at dynamic is simply Awsome (yes you can have physical therapy for your pelvis/woman issues) suggested it for me for home use. so you may have to talk to your doc! but it has helped me so much! I believe every woman with endometriosis needs one! (as well as a heating pad of course!) I have an amazing doctor at Her name is Dr. Desai. She diagnosed and helped my find treatment for pelvic floor tension myalgia as well as did my surgery for endometriosis. She is simply amazing as well as Dr. Michael Hibner! They are so much more than regular gynecologists they specialize in the pelvis. Highly suggest them!!! Oh and ladies if you suffer from feminine pain here's a link to another specialist that is great too! These doctors all correlate together that's how I have learned about all of them... I hope this helps someone because these are embarrassing topics! if you are out there hurting  with these problems just know I am sending you a huge hug! & I hope you get well soon!!!