Monday, February 10, 2014

I love to see the temple,

This weekend had it's ups and downs but overall  was pretty good! I had the opportunity to go through the BEAUTIFUL Gilbert, AZ LDS temple this weekend. They are holding tours to anyone who wants to go through the rest of this week, before the temple is dedicated. I think they have been doing it for at least the last month or so. Once temples are dedicated they are used for sacred work. Even members of the LDS church have to be in good standings and hold a temple recommend to enter. I encourage everyone to go if you can! Something I did not think about before going was having to do a lot of walking. (not complaining about walking, just didn't bump in my head). My body is very weak right now I have basically spent the last 2 years in bed. I am gaining strength but still have a long ways to go. They do have elevators in the temple but part of me was stubborn and wanted to climb those beautiful stairs like the old me would have done... I did I climbed every single stair.(knowingly with my heavenly father's help) The spirit was high in the temple that was something I can say I was sure was happening there. Towards the end I was really struggling with the stairs and said a tiny prayer for help to get through the rest of the stairs. One second later my mom came and grabbed my arm and helped me down the last couple flights of stairs. I knew my father in heaven heard that seemingly tiny prayer and he sent my mother to help me. What a beautiful experience it truly was. The temple was so gorgeous!
 I wish I had a better picture to post because the SUNSHINE was so BRIGHT outside at about 12:30 p.m. we all had squinty eye pictures. We were very happy for the opportunity to be there with part of our family <3