Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm not going to lie, today started out rough...the life of a sick person...

This dog makes me smile BEWARE this is what chronically ill me looks like today ;)

Today I woke up to my phone ringing, a phone call from this new doctor I am seeing. They wanted MORE records and my fax I sent them didn't work out so hot they only got parts.(you see my mom is a dental assistant and did it at her work. Bless her heart I know she tried her hardest technology just isn't her thing)THANKS MOM for helping me:) So then she (the new doc's receptionist) continues about how my primary care doctor put on the referral sjogren's syndrome. My primary care messed up the referral. You see there is a problem with that and this is what is driving me nuts...I have a hundred million undiagnosed symptoms and that is the main reason I am seeing thing new doctor. That and the fact that all my other specialist have quit me (Yes, doctors can tell you they do not know and tell you not to come back) and others have treated me awfully obviously leading to me no longer seeing them. I have seen countless doctors and still no answers to some scary symptoms. So I argued with the lady on the phone to the new rheumatologist saying, "my primary care doctor really wants me to get diagnosed, she thinks what is wrong is some sort autoimmune disease,  as well as treat my sjogren's." The receptionist replied, "WE are a rheumatology clinic, you are seeing a rheumatologist. We can ONLY treat autoimmune diseases So just your sjogren's is all we can do." I also told her I had Lichen Planus (an autoimmune disease) " WE only treat autoimmune diseases." She replied...I wish someone could make these endless arguments disappear. I did call my primary care doctor and left a message explaining because of her referral that only says sjogren's syndrome, I can not be treated for anything else could she please send a note explaining the situation. I hope this is straightened  out before my appointment. Wish me luck :(  I REALLY  need a diagnosis so I can get proper medical help & get back to life. I don't feel very cheery today but I will be strong and try to choose to be happy even with my frustrations starting the second I opened my eyes.

I didn't want to post this but it is a fraction of what a chronically ill person goes through & I know if someone is out there reading this who is chronically ill, they too will understand. I hope this makes that person feel less lonely in this battle of health. Keep fighting if you don't fight for yourself who will? good luck to you may you have a good day and life long health:)
As I posted the picture above, I came across this little jem. One of the beautiful flowers from my B-day. I had this wonderful feeling come over me that my father in heaven is with me and everything will work out. & it will <3

IF you or someone you know is chronically ill, I have come across health keep... It's like an online support group that u can post any questions about your health, diseases, concern ect. & it is all 100% confidential you have like a name and you get to choose it so it doesn't have to be your name or your full name it could be something like coolgirl. (just an example) I think it's super neat check it out:
No one is paying me or telling me to share these things that I have shared!! These are really things I have come across and think are neat myself & want to share with you!!