Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines gifts... simply love.

I got all this stuff super cheap for my family at the dollar tree...( a true dollar store). Yup I did it cheap this year but when you have no job or is how you shop:) I am normally anti-Valentines day but this year I feel different. I realize my love for my family so much more now than before. I think it comes with maturity and growing up. I have always loved my family... I guess you could just say I appreciate their love more now. Anyways nothing too special just a simple gift but I have a secret up my sleeve for my siblings. READY?! I made them a special video with pictures of me and my sister and then when we became the 3 siblings when they got married. (it made my mom cry...every single time I played it while editing lol) I am truly blessed with such good siblings <3 The best part is I can finally give them a gift from me, not one my parents paid for...feels so good! here are the glasses I made! Their glass mugs filled with different heart shaped chocolates, hot cocoa mix, a big sucker, caramels, and I put some cute finger nail files in my sisters and moms. The one on the right with the heart shaped glasses...that's my sisters I have a pair too. I feel that should make some punch or something for them but I have inflammation in my back mainly and I can feel it all over today. Plus, I am ONE TIRED GIRL. I desperately need to sleep at night. So they get a glass and a slide show! I am super excited to give them their slide show they will be oh so surprised!! maybe I'll post it on here if they let me.