Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Burning Flaming Skin!

My hands are on fire! I have Lichen Planus and until now have been very blessed to not have it too rough... my thumbs and certain other fingers are on fire, my hands have places that feel the same ow-ie... I am typing with 3 fingers haha and surprising myself how good I am at it wink wink! under ,y fingernails and around them are just literally on fire!
 CAn you see the redness on my skin???
 IF you look towards the tip I actually am loosing skin its just flaking off leaving a white ring (doesn't look too bad I know but it burns)
if you look around the finger nail you can see redness and white lacing... the finger nail itself is actually lifting gross huh my finger nail feels like it's falling off (can't see the lifting)