Thursday, May 8, 2014

I can do this

I am glad to announce after a lot of Clobatesol (a strong cream for Lichen Planus) My fingers are feeling much better! I feel like my finger nails are paper thin though... my remedy for that lots of layers of nail polish... I just woke up to a rainy day and I am super happy about it! I love the rain especially the smell of rain and we have not gotten very much moisture this year... So I am very thankful for this rain! I have decided no matter what happens with my health I will continue pushing ahead forward for that is the only way I will ever overcome these obstacles ... If I quit I won't ever get anywhere and if I am always thinking "why my" or " I wish" ... I won't be able to enjoy the good things even is the dark times there is goodness and then I will miss out on my good times.... being negative at this point won't do my any good! I have what I have, I can not change that.... now I am not saying I will never have bad days, those will come and I will go through my bad days but mark my word my hope and continuing of moving forward will never cease.