Saturday, May 17, 2014

Medi Update

Medi Update!Have been treating Mass Cell Activation with akkergy meds... loads of it!  Soo I have hit a bump in the road, which is to be expected.... having a super hard time falling asleep and no energy, heart rate is high but yet feel faint. I feel like a raggedy Anne doll, just floppy, also numbness. tonight my mom and I ran to get dinner I had the drink carrier in my lap and I held tighter as we went around a corner... except my hand didn't get tighter and drinks went all over (except lucky me it got on me more then the car) which I am glad about can't through a car in the wash but you can a dress. Tonight has been filled with dizziness, brain fog, tachycardia, I am assuming low blood volume, funky breathing, shaking/tremors, lots of pain nerve pain, and hot and cold at the same time... sweating hot yet shivering with Goosebumps. I am very knowledgeable that I have a plan here on earth and whatever God's plan is I will continue forward. If I am meant to be healed I will... if I have a purpose as being ill I will. God knows best for me!