Thursday, May 29, 2014

Micro Sized but Readable Book of Mormon..

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you had teeny pocket sized yet somehow readable Book of Mormon in your pocket at all times to give it to any whom you felt.... I just wish that was possible because I truly wonder how many more souls who would not normally of had the chance of teachings of the word of wisdom... I am pretty sure I would be running (well I can't run right now) so I would be doing my best to tell the world about the wonderfulness of the scriptures and I probably would give one to any who would take... I'd be outside the grocery store with my tiny books like a girl scout luring in  any ears or hearts that wanted to hear hahah and I know my heart would be happy. I just can't shake this wonder...I can not imagine my life with out it and at one point unfortunately I did not have it in my life and I am soo glad I opened my heart to the most wonderful blessing of all time- God Loves you. Jesus Loves you. They are waiting for you with opened arms, always. trials in life are hard and I just can't imagine pushing forward without the knowledge of the resurrection that we are gaining bodies here on earth to return to heaven, for eternity and learning lessons to strengthen us... and the joy in life I feel I feel the depts. of happiness, peace, comfort, and humility with this confirmation, life is beautiful. Because of God and our Savior. My Savior. Jesus Christ.-Chelle