Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I have been really wanting to go on vacation but I can't because I can't do a lot right now. due to being sick. So I have been reminiscing about my last vacation... it was a girls trip with my great aunt, 2nd cousins, aunt, 1st cousin, mom, sister, and grandma... we went to New York, New York and it is my most favorite place ever! I suggest you go if you haven't! we also went to D.C. and it was fun too we toured the White house and the pentagon... and all that good stuff. WE all had such a great time and it was the last time I actually had fun I think haha but I am grateful for the memories that I will always cherish... you can take your memories with you to heaven but you can not take things there (perhaps a car or something) that is something great, and memories do not have to be a fancy vacation they can be something as simple as a picnic or some good family time. Create memories while you still can memories last forever.
Me and my sister at the Hersey's Chocolate Factory in Time Square...Time Square is amazing!

My Sister, my mom, & I outside of the White House.