Friday, May 30, 2014

Heavenly Flowers

These Flowers are such a beautiful creation from God... I always think of heaven when I see beautiful flowers. Something about them makes my heart happy <3
Blessing. Such a simple but very powerful word. I feel sooo blessed these past few days, I feel the spirit strong in my heart and I know things may not be so sunny in the small picture of life. In the large picture however things are fantastic! I have been able to help my mom plant some pretty flowers and it was not easy for my body and I had to do some "simple" tasks my own innovated way, such as sitting down ect. but I still was able to complete the task... I am so proud of myself! we haven't had flowers in years because of our frequent trips out of town for medical care... as my Neurologist and I connect through email it saves me trips... and I am hoping and trying to cut back on some physical therapy yayayyy after nearly 2 long awful rehabilitating years I get to cut back a little on my that does not mean I am healed and better I just am doing better.... which golly 2 years! I should be showing some improvements right?! I am stuggling with my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome/Dysautonomia and Mass Cell Activation. Now I look forward to more rehabilitation and healing and I get myself in a tizzy over it all it is truly overwhelming for me. I am very scared but I read a simple post yesterday that said "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" I think Meg Johnson is the one who posted that she is amazing! check her out at,d.aWw I feel that quote was a sticky note from heaven for my eyes to read so I could let the worry go and be strong and ready to fight this battle with my faith in our ultimate physician Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate healer, he knows how you feel, he understands, I love him I can't wait the day to just give him a big ole hug! But until then I will do my work here on earth the best of my abilities even if it means sitting down when I would usually stand. Or rest when before I did not need to rest. Things aren't always my way but they are the way they are meant to be <3 I have to just do things my way, Chelle's way... Heavenly Father's way.