Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Listen to your gut, when taking new medications

Listen to your gut when taking new medications if it just doesn't seem right it probably is not... I just started taking a new medication and I spent  all afternoon on the phone with the pharmacy Monday (granted it is a complicated medication) but NO excuse. I was mixing the medicine with water and I just kept thinking this isn't right...this isn't right and I decided to call my cousin who is in pharmacy school and I asked if that sounded right ...he ended up being stumped and so I looked at it some more and kept thinking and I finally figured it out each packet contained (5 vials) each vial contained the amount of medication, not the package so the pharmacy had me taking 10 packets instead of 2!!!! that's 5 times the amount and then I would take it 4 times a day so that is 20 times the amount! I am very thankful for my heavenly father, he watches out for me... I knew something wasn't right you all know that feeling listen to your intuition... be safe! I now have pharmacy anxiety...

* and I just logged onto Facebook and saw this app that helps keep you safe with medication... here is the link: