Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Medi Update POTS diet

Medi Update: Today I actually woke myself up due to shakiness. I have been shaking since the second I woke this morning... I ate a high salt breakfast, and took a salt tab thinking I didn't have enough sodium and that was causing my shaking I also have gotten about 26 fl oz in in the past 2 hours ... I try to get 70-80 plus fl oz. in one day... Sodium I try getting 10,000mg a day but have yet to do so I have just barley came across salt tabs...(because I do not think you can get that much salt by eating) and believe me I am sick of eating sooo much food all day long for salt... I love food and eating but it's a lot... I am still shaking I also put my support hose on and walked around got a teeny bit of cardio in (my pelvis is paying the price for that) My body loves it when I move around even though it fights it and I tend to get dizzy I still can tell my body is like thank you... I am relaxing a lot today last night the fatigue and not feeling good hit me pretty good and I knew then today was not going to be a good day and I tend to be able to tell when I am going down... The salt/fluid diet is helping however not nearly enough so I am anxious to see neurologist Friday... praying he can do more for me and I can eventually go into remission... I know however I may never go into remission but I am just going to keep fighting! I feel spacy today and like my brain is on vacation I see a lot of spots (you know like when the flash on a camera makes you see spots after a picture) well I do that for no reason and today am doing so a lot... I am having a struggle typing today but feel it's important for me to blog soo blog on I will :)  still loving my ginormous pill calendar! I am also using NUUN electrolyte tablets (one day day) love em! I have had a lichen Planus flare for 3 weeks and counting it is being out of hand! I have it all over my chest, face, in may hair it is totally gross and hurts. This is the worst Lichen Planus flare I have yet to have. boo! below are salt tabs... So if you need salt only* due to a medical condition* I suggest these they do not make me ill knock on wood... have been using them for a few days now... each tablet contains 452 mg sodium chloride and also 15 mg potassium! ooh I also adore V8 drink its a fluid and a good source or sodium! and a vegie serving!