Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Box of Medication???

This is my box yes, box of Cromolyn... medication for my mass cell activation... Nothing like walking out of your local pharmacy with a box...people looked quiet surprised! I bet they would of been more surprised to know it was just a 20 day supply of one medication... haha I have so much to figure out in this new life I am living with a rare disease, starting to learn rare diseases are complicated... most doctors have no clue what it is and if they do they really don't know how to treat it or anything so they like to say it is all in your head...then if you go to the E.R. even after diagnosis they still treat you like you are nuts... then when you go to the pharmacy they don't like you because hey have to order all this weird medication and they really don't know much about it and it confuses them... then sometimes when you are having a bad day and shaking: people stare at you (I am the girl that used to pretend everything was great when I was sick, but as years have progressed I can't hide all of my symptoms and pretend I am fine) and that's okay I don't have to be fine all the time... and no shame in being sick maybe frustration but no shame.... Keep going you can do it! xoxo-Chelle

Don't ever let anyone or anything take your beautiful smile away! :)