Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Where We Are

I have strong faith right now and I feel very close to God and that he and my redeemer are with me... and even though things are very scary and feel out of control, I know everything will all be okay... That being said for some reason I just am struggling with what I may have to face or not face ... I  don't know what is going to happen to me... but I also realize not one person on this earth knows what is going to happen tomorrow, or in a week, month, year, five years, ten years, ect. Not a single one of us knows it is a part of life and we obviously aren't meant to know or we would, I think that's part of the test or the trial, If we knew what was ahead of us would we all continue... at first I was thinking no way but then it occurred to me again yes we would! because good things are to come just because we are in the middle of a storm we don't know when it will end and then the sun will shine and the beautifulness of good times will be with us and the good always out ways the bad. Life is good... it may have it's twists and turns but we are the ones that have to find that sunshine for we all know the sun will shine again... Life is such a gift and we have to make difficult choices sometimes but good times are here and now, even in the frustration or confusion, You can choose goodness to come from it and remember in your heart that sun will always shine again and we will have such a higher appreciation for that sunshine for every storm we pass through. I hope you all are having a blessed day! xoxo- Chelle