Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Hi guys! today I am just telling myself to keep going. I am not my diseases! I am Michelle! that's what I keep chanting to myself today to keep me motivated I guess you could say?... I am tired and I feel like I can't breath and my body is just untimely unhappy with its bad self. I took a trip to the store to buy a few ingredients for salsa...that being said due to my brain fog I do not have all the ingredients for salsa... I even made a list... went over the list several times.... I still didn't even catch it until, of course when I returned home totally worn out.... now I am just frustrated. So now I am in a huge debate with myself of should I go back to the store or should I call it a day and try again tomorrow....On the bright side I went to the store! YAY me! for going to the store that's kinda a big deal to chronically ill people we tend to not be able to do simple things so I always celebrate my little victories! Go Me!