Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Emotional Roller Coaster... Only Heaven Can stop

I have been an emotional rollercoaster for days now....up and down...right and left...black and blue... to say the least but I finally feel calm after a ton of prayers and eventually ending in my lack of patience and getting angry... However heavenly Father waits for me to calm down before he sends me comfort and reasoning. I'm certain because when I am angry he knows as well as anyone there is no reasoning haha. Just as a parent waits on a frustrated toddler having a mid day break down. The Lord, my Heavenly Father waits for me to calm down and when I am calm again he comforts me and I can see how great this mess of mine really is in the big picture. I know I am never alone as I have recently blogged about that and my knowledge God is never far... However I tend to freak out when I can't just feel him there and know everything's going to be okay... I think sometimes the teacher has to be silent for the test... we are meant to feel our emotions good and bad they can't always be great and wonderful for what would we ever learn? I am thankful for the patience my father in heaven never seems to run out of... He is my rock when I am weak and forgetful in this case. Even when things don't make sense to us it will be okay... after my tantrum as I would call it and being angry about my sufferings and being ill with no answers as of now as to why....and being so young it is just not fair...I was reminded of Emma Smith and how she had to endure so much in her life time and how strong she was with god by her side and her faith unshakeable. How she never seemed to have an "ordinary day" (I'm sure you have seen that video, if not I'll post a link at the bottom) I want to be that way I want to be strong even with all these crazy things going on... I can choose to be strong and full of faith...trust in god Chelle it will be okay! This is who I am going to use as my example right now to get through this hard time I am encountering...Emma Smith.