Friday, March 28, 2014

Naughty dog that runs away... end up in "puppy jail"

Today the construction continues... leaving people going in and out if the house... Mr. Wrecker was good all day yesterday and today... until about thrity minutes ago. He Ran out that door didn't choose to listen and ran away literally ... wouldn't come to me or my mom and go out to a main road.... followed by properties and openness where other larger animals live... gave me a heart attack!
This is what happens to little dogs who are naughty they have a long time out in their kennels and a long lecture from me followed by a bunch of bad dog! He has to stay in their now unhappily because unfortunately he can not be trusted to stay or listen...
look at this cute I am innocent nose and face..."but I don't belong in puppy jail"-Mr. Wrecker the dog.
(kinda weird picture idk what my camera is set on made his nose and eyes look funky)
I love you Wrecker is for your own good!