Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Journal.

So this is the back of my journal ... a lot of good words and quotes cover the back... No you don't get to know what's in it ha ha... it is amazing what a some paper can do for a person! I love my journal this is my very first journal and I have to say it has been good for me... it's a good way to blow off steam, get out all those crazy mixed emotions, and to myself surprisingly a good documentation of what is going on with me and I think in the end it will be an interesting thing to have and look back on... because looking back this past month I even see things differently... it's amazing how we grow in life... we never stop growing & learning ... I think that is one of the greatest gifts in life is the constant need for more knowledge... we are like God's Plato and if we listen I feel we all have the opportunity at any point in our lives to be the amazing molded masterpieces called souls we are planed to be. Journaling is a good thing I can feel it in my gut... I like to document things and this is just another way to do it! Another non-makeup picture you guys probably don't believe my love for it ... I think it is just a part of growing up and being sickly... it's okay not to be perfect ... be imperfect (there is no such thing as perfect anyways and I want to be an original ... I'd hate it if there were duplicates of the same me's). Happy day to you!!