Friday, March 21, 2014

Lovely dear Friends, I was fatigued today

Yesterday I received a card/letter from a dear friend I have had since high school. You know one of those friends you might not talk to for six months but the second you do it's like nothing changed & you're best friends still...This made my day!! In the crazy life I lead things like this lift my spirits even higher when they are hi. and back up when they are low. Love it and am thankful for my great friend!!
....& this is me today I had a rough day today felt like I got hit by a bus... but I still feel things can get better and will (that's my newer attitude, look up not down) but I am glad I feel like I do not always have to wear makeup... this is a very important fact: beauty is always from the inside of your heart!!
 I got my hair in a French braid ... this makes me happy...hairs are growing longer!! you can call me Rapunzel lol (I know I am far away from that name haha) I have a new favorite song... I know you care, by Ellie Goulding...makes my heart feel full when I listen! God is listening to me. I can feel it things are okay!