Thursday, March 27, 2014

Marks on the world... OR maybe just the house

Last night me and my sister Chelsey got the opportunity to write on the house we grew up in with out getting into trouble... My mother and sister are laying laminate flooring and when they got the carpet up I thought hey we should write something down here haha so we did.... my sister didn't want marker on her hand so it looks like the "hamburger helper hand" and I thought it was a good way to tell someone maybe one day in the future that god loves them :) After all my mom is doing this on her own and everyone keeps asking if she is mad at my dad and when she said no to my grandma (her mom) she replied, "well it makes it easier." So maybe a future wife will be upset and tearing the house apart one day and will need a little reminder of God and his love for us. Anyways... it made good memories!