Thursday, March 13, 2014

The sunshine in the storm

You know how it gets cloudy like it might start to rain? The clouds all move in ... Well here the weather is like that today... cloudy but yet the sun still shining through. as I was looking up at the sky I realized that's me! That's what I'm going through right now. That's how I feel right now... in the middle of a storm but that sun is still shining through... Because I am gonna make it! Things might not be where I want them but it can still be okay...right now I am clinging onto my faith to get me through... but I have a strong feeling to just keep moving ...keep going forward. That's what I will do that is what I always do... sometimes are SO much harder then others but if I keep moving forward things will be okay someway somehow because I am putting my trust in the lord. I can't fix my health, he can and he will IF and WHEN the time is right... I know my redeemer loves me and this is a building block in my wall of life. Blessings come from Trials...this I know deep in my heart. So, today started rough but I was going to get up and brush it off and put my make up on do my hair... get dressed. and now I am going to stand tall and keep my chin up! I realized yesterday I keep saying, "oh when I'm better I will do this/that" no Chelle that's a lie to yourself because you do not know when that day will come anyways I realized I have to stop doing that to myself... A.) because it is not fair to myself B.) because I am missing out on life by enabling myself. & C.) I am more than likely loosing opportunity and good memories... I have to choose to embrace this new life! As much as I don't want to and as hard as it is.
Chin up*