Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy First day of April !!!

As today starts a new month it also starts a new beginning and closes another chapter of life. I am looking forward to General Conference this coming weekend! Ready to hear from our wonderful living profit Thomas S Monson whom I am so very thankful for! BUT before conference I have to face a battle but I know I will not be alone... I must have a neurology consult at Mayo this Friday and it is a brand new doctor and I find out my nervous system test results which is very scary for me! I am doing my best to have strong faith and know that whatever the outcome its my heavenly father's plan for me... Their is a reason  to my being ill and it is to better me in ways being healthy obviously can't. I will continue to pray for healing as I believe in miracles too. Heavenly Father has been by my side since day one fighting my fight to stay alive after being born 3 months early... Doctors didn't give my parents any hope that I would live but look I am here so it must be for a reason!! It's a miracle I am here and that I had only lung problems from being a premature baby. I have beaten death once so maybe I will be able to soon say I beat death and I was miraculously healed twice in my life. God has a plan for me and I know it... trials are the biggest blessings in life this I know from the bottom of my heart... if you are struggling with a trial or if you are sick ... you are NOT alone! I am here with you and I pray for you every  night it will be okay just trust in God. I know that is easier said then done sometimes but reach down deep and get your fight out of your pocket because you are amazingly strong and you can do anything with God anything is possible! You are loved by your father in heaven and I will be your friend and keep sharing my story, my testimonies of this church , my knowledge and try to offer support! xoxo Choose to be even just a spec of light in this world and you will Glow so brightly!
My mother gave me this ring years ago when I was sick and she knew I needed a reminder it says, "Love Life." and in the inside it says, "Be Brave" Love this ring so much! Thanks mom <3
I share this with you to be your little reminder to love life and to be brave because you are so wonderful and you are so deserving of a beautiful life <3