Monday, March 24, 2014

I forgot it was Monday!! my feelings on pain...

I apologize for my post being so late in the day...I forgot it was Monday!! oops! So I have been in pain for well years but these past few days have been hard on me and I decided to write about how I felt last night because pain is so deeply twisted and mangled into every single part of my life:
this is what I wrote..... I wrote this in a lighter funny mood (not so literal). but the pain I was feeling and how it effects my life is a true anchor to this....

Pain can hurt deep and pain can shoot out
pain can hurt me til' I scream and shout
pain can be strong and pain can be weak, pain can come down clear to my feet
Pain can come when I'm in or I'm out pain can put me flat on the couch
pain can be mean and pain can be cruel pain can even take control
pain can push limits or boundaries you see
 pain can come and even take me.
Take me from you
and take me from them
Pain is a robber to all of my friends
Pain can be sneaky and crouch down low then jump high when I think I have control
Pain can get deep inside of my head
And keep me up all night though I'm in bed
When thoughts are being made in my little brain, that tiny thought shop goes and never ends
Pain breaks into my shop of thoughts and puts all those thoughts to a stop.
Pain is the problem, a bully you see
Pain is very much against me and my dreams
Pain even hi-jacks my plans no matter what
Even when I set to vacation a plan to just sail away
on a big cruise ship
a party all day
Pain comes with me like a big sting ray
Some days pains airy and light, some days pain is thunder and rain
Some days pain drives me insane
The pain in my head and the pain in my heart
Don't worry that's just a start
it moves through my body like a speedy race car
Pain even leaves a scar
The pills I take are never too far
but they always stay in their jar
Pain can do anything can't you see
Pain can even take the me out of me
So pain I will fight even my weakest of days
for I am a fighter who always prays.